Posicionamiento seo

WEB positioning S.E.O.

S.E.O. is the initials  of Search Engine Optimization , such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Bing and different many more.

The search engines, they help to find web pages. What they do basically is to index pages and blogs in his) databases, for then, as result, to present them in order of relevancy.

In consequence, therefore, to appear in the seeker’s’ first positions is determinant, since the majority of the users, almost always, do click in the first ones proved obtained in the such principal seekers as Google.

The good application of technologies S.E.O. contributes the following thing:

  • Major number of visitors who are looking for your service or product.
  • Major number of conversions.
  • Reputation online.
  • Increase of earnings.
  • Saving money in campaigns of marketing and traditional advertising.
  • Promotion without rest.
  • Loads of the most rapid and efficient web page.
  • Usabilidad.
  • Compatibility with all the mariners(browsers).
Posicionamiento seo Valencia
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The S.E.O. must be a global strategy, since many factors exist so much internal as day pupils whom it is necessary to bear in mind:

  • Name of the page
  • Meta Tags
  • Name of the domain
  • Amicable URL
  • Headlines
  • Clean and organized contents
  • The original and unique contents
  • Speed of load
  • Names of the files
  • Record of the domain
  • Longevity of the domain
  • Information of the Hosting
  • Percentage of rebound
  • Time of stay in the web
  • Coherence in the salient links
Posicionamiento seo Valencia

THE SEO has turned into an important part of the total system of marketing that we must apply to achieve a better positioning and to obtain a major number of visits.

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